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At the Cowboy's Mercy (Taming the Cowboy, #1)

At the Cowboy's Mercy (Taming the Cowboy, #1) - Emma Jay Kennedy shows up to find Luke for help after her father passes away. She has nothing and no where to go. Luke shuts her out when she shows up he is still angry over the news of her father and being left out. After Luke sees Kennedy with his brother Liam at a bar he starts to wonder until he sees a tear running down her check. Luke saves her twice from being homeless and for Liam. The both fight the attraction to each other at first and then things start to heat up.

The love scenes in this book are steamy hot and you will need to have a fan. The book is pretty good and I liked seeing Luke grow up a bit and forgive a little. Kennedy grew up a bit as well and gained some of her independence back. A quick and exciting read.