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Cowboy Crazy - Joanne Kennedy Once again Joanne Kennedy pulls off another great romance western. She brings it all to the table with small towns, horses, ranches, rodeo's, cowboys, and a sassy yet charming heroine. Sarah left Two Shot when she graduated high school. She was ready to leave when he stepfather died. Roy died in a freak accident with her horse Flash and they sold him for a low price. She has blamed the buyer for all her families problems.

After graduating from college Sarah got a great job with Eric Carrigan. Eric had Sarah take care of things not knowing she was really from Two Shot. When Lane came to see Eric after the interview Sarah is taken back with how good-looking Lane Carrigan is.

Sarah has secrets she needs to keep especially from Eric. If she does go to the rodeo with Lane what might happen. Would anyone recognize her and give her secrets away?

The characters and setting are wonderful. Joanne as this way of making the reader think they are with the characters and living amongst them. I am looking forward to Joanne's next book to be out next year.