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Dragon In The Mist - Nancy Lee Badger Nessia is a maid at the local pub and has a lover MacDonald. As time goes on she learns from him he is never going to leave his wife over her. She just gets him by is all and nothing more. Nessia is so hurt and angry, she casts a spell on the MacDonald clan. Several centuries go by and in walks Rory, an American looking to study the earthquakes they have in town. That is his story, but in reality he is looking for some family background of the MacDonalds. Nessia has no clue at first and falls for Rory. She is lonely and really wants to find love. Rory hurts her and as she jumps into the water so does Rory thinking she is in danger with the Lock Ness Monster. Can Rory save what he has with Nessia? Can Nessia overcome the shock when she realizes who Rory is?

The story grabs your mind from the start and you have to know what is going to happen. Will Nessia find true love or go back to the water? Will Rory let her down or come through?

The setting is remarkable and I know Nancy has done a lot of research in Scotland and that hard work has shown through this book. I could imagine being there with Nessia and her surroundings.