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Ride with Me

Ride with Me - Ruthie Knox Tom's sister responds to an ad placed by another biker wanting a partner in the upcoming TransAmerica tour. They were to meet at the local beach and take off from there. Tom doesn't want a partner he likes to be on his own to think about things especially what went wrong in his past. When he shows up all he sees is a woman so as he waits Lexie sees him, but waits to approach as she is not sure it is the right man. The finally come together and to Tom's horror it is a woman and tries to leave her behind. Lexie not to be outdone sticks with Tom and he says he will find her another rider down the road.

Lexie is a strong woman who knows what she wants and how to make things happen in her favor. Tom is a loner who is trying to make up for his past and blames himself for what has happened. Can these two work together with out fighting or killing each other?

What a fun read Ride With Me turned out to be. At first I was hesitant to like Tom but he work on me as the book went along. Lexie was like fire and ice. One minute she likes and wants Tom the next she wishes she was by herself. Once things start to heat up they are not sure they can part ways at the end of the journey.

The characters were well together and I love reading about some of the places they stopped at. Ruthie does an excellent job with the settings. Makes you feel like you are visiting along with Tom and Lexie. This was a funny romantic read that I will read again.