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The Gunsmith 348: Showdown in Cheyenne

Showdown in Cheyenne - J.R. Roberts I was very surprised by this read. My 8 year old son went with my dad to shop for Christmas presents. He came across this book thinking I would like it as he knows I like romance and westerns. I asked him how he knew I would like it and he said there was kissing on the front. I had to laugh at his statement.
I have never heard of this series or the author. I thought why not give it a try and was pleasantly surprised. The book is fast paced from the first page. I was turing the pages as fast as I could. Lawrence is a big shot in Cheyenne. He wants to get rid of his wife and blame it on a gang coming to town to rob some ranches. He knows his wil be hit as his is the biggest. He hires the Gunsmith to keep his ranch safe not knowing he would end up like Lawrence's wife a bit. He then hires someone else to take out his wife and anyone else that gets in the way.
The book kept me interested with a few twists along the way. The characters were good and the setting made you believe you were in the west. I will have to check out the other 347 books in this series. Fun fast paced read.