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Dusty Britches - Marcia Lynn McClure I have read several books by this author and I have loved them all so far. This has to be my favorite.
Dusty has been hurt by two men in her life. She has cut off men and doesn't want a romance. Ryder was the first person she has a crush on and being several years older wanted to protect her. When he left the ranch he took her heart with him. In the 5 years he was gone another man the bankers son came calling on Dusty and they ended up engaged, but it feel through after she seen some bad things happen. When her father came back he brought Ryder with him and to Dusty's surprise she was excited yet hated him. Ryder can't believe all the bitterness Dusty holds but he plans to fight through it.

A lovely clean romance one you don't want to put down.