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Kill Shot (Wounded Heroes #1)

Kill Shot (Wounded Heroes #1) - Anne Patrick I have to say I might be a bit bias, but I have loved all of Anne's book that I have read so far. When Anne contacted me about her newest book of course I said yes as the blurb sounded interesting.

Kory Wagner has come home after retiring from the Army. After several years and 3 tours through Iraq she thought the time had come to get out. Kory has seen too much distraction and heartache. She was a combat medic and watch her members of her own platoon get killed. She also made some good friends with the other members she served with. Digger for one is her best friend who always had her back along with practical jokes from the others.

When he sister is killed by a hit and run driver Kory starts to investigate. She was a medic too long and knew the mark Callie had were not from a hit and run driver. She hires a PI that Digger knows and went to meet him at the warehouse her grandfather left her. She gets there too late as there is another person there who shot the PI and was now shooting at her. Kory gets away but not before she gets the key to a post office box the PI had.

Sheriff Sean harding is on the scene after a woman had called 911 about the shooting. He starts finding out more about the woman who called in. Kory now has him trying to keep her safe from the killer and help figure out what really happened to Callie.

As soon as I started reading the book I was sucked into Kory's life. She suffers from PTS (Post Traumatic Syndrome). Sean tries to help as much as he can as she opens up a little bit each time. I guessing who was after Kory up till the end when the person responsible for the death and trying to kill her is revealed. The characters are well written and work well together. Anne does a great job again of keeping us guessing. This is a must read it has romance and suspense.