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I won this book from a giveaway and never expected to be so engrossed with the medieval life. I felt like I was there with Helen and her whole family. I wanted to jump in and help figure out who was doing what. The author does an excellent job painting an accurate picture of the times and lives of the medieval times. The mystery involved in who is trying to kill Gunther, the marriages Helen's mom tries to put together, the beatings from the which Sybil and what she is really up to. The list is endless which is the reason I loved the book so much. I have to admit I was up late a few nights as I did not want to put this book down.

Helen is trying to prove her loved ones have no reason to want the Earl dead. She is also trying to free one of her good friends who tired to kill the earl. Trying to save herself from a marriage she does not want all the while falling for an Earl that is supposed to marry her sister Clo. She has so much on her plate she is not sure she can handle it all.

The characters are all believable and keep you gripped to the book. The twists and turns keep the book flowing and leaving the reader wanting to know more. My only regret is taking so long to read this wonderful book.