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Death by Chocolate

Death by Chocolate - DeAnna Knippling Ellie is a character we can relate to or know someone who can. She is a big girl and thinks no one likes her or even sees her for that matter. She thinks she is boring and tells everyone so. She takes care of her Grandie at the nursing home as everyone has given up on her grandmother.

One day Grandie is taken over by the Devil and strikes a deal with Ellie to make her beautiful and temps her with Chocolate. Ellie unlike the rest of us hates chocolate. So the Devil will have to come up with something else to temp Ellie.

The book was great and funny at times. I liked Ellie she does the best she can and once she strikes the deal she gets frustrated and irritable. Them steps in someone from her past she never thought would give her the time of day. Will good things happen or will the devil win?

I was impressed with DeAnna writing and so happy she let me read her book. The ending was great not what I expected and some of the scenes will have you laughing pretty hard.