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One Man's Music

One Man's Music - Christina Britton Conroy I rather enjoyed this romantic tell woven with music. Jenna is very talented too bad her dad never stuck around or accepted her. Her mother was always busy and Jenna felt her mother had no time for her. Eric Rise ( pronounced like the Hershey's Reese cups ) comes along and Jenna wishes he was her father. She saves a picture of him and starts telling his picture everything that is going on in her life. Jenna's way to escape from her parents. As she gets older we see her talent really flourish and some good and bad things happen along the journey.

The reason why loved the book so much, the relationships in the book. We see Jenna make a few friends and even have a boyfriend along the way. When Josh enters the picture it really starts to heat up. I wanted to know where their relationship was going to go. I also like the fact Jenna's mother gets better as Jenna ages.

Eric is great with music and Jenna, they are both fighting demons along the way. Who will Jenna chose Eric or Josh? It was fun to find out.