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Mythical Voyage: The Tale of the White Ponca

Mythical Voyage: The Tale of the White Ponca - Robin Ymer I was happy to review this book for the author as my 8 and 13 year old enjoyed the book as much as I did. Bibi is born white and is very unique to the Poncas. Neither her nor her parents know what is in store for her or what is expected. She makes her way through her journey with humor, sadness and all seriousness.

We liked the book for several reasons, first the wonderful illustrations by Robin. She did a wonderful job. The boys have started coloring the pages. We also liked all the adventures with Bibi along the way. I also like the social aspects of the story. The boys learned several things and it was easy for them to understand.

The book is great for any ages young or old. I will read this book again when my youngest gets a bit older. This is a keeper in our house.