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Fire and Ash

Fire and Ash - Anne Patrick I have never read anything by Anne Patrick before. I hate to admit I've never known about her or her books. Imagine my surprise when asked to review this read, that I could not put down. I had a feeling I was going to like it, but you can never tell.

Sadie is a remarkable character who I wanted to know more about. She is called to her home town to investigate a fire that killed a collage student. Sadie has not been home in a while for reasons she keeps to herself. She meets the Chief of Police Quinn, who comes across as a klutz. They both help each other on this case. Sadie's Uncle Joe is the Fire Chief of the small town. As they work together you can't help, but laugh along the way at some of the crazy things that happen with the Quinn and Sadie.

There are most twists and angles to keep you guessing till the end of the book. All the characters are well done. Sadie's family even makes you, the reader, feel like part of the family. I wanted to know more. I do hope there will be another book with these characters in it. I would love to see what happens next.