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Pearl: A Life Too Short; A Death Too Long - Darlene Cox When Pearl Sutton's brutally beaten body is found in Jacobs Gully by two young boys playing hooky that day, it uncovers secrets of the small town of Faircloth, Virginia. Was Pearl a "loose" woman? Or merely a flirt. While many men tried to tame her, it was only one who had--in her words--knocked her socks off. But, she was married to a man almost twenty years older than she. That didn't stop her, though. Every red-blooded man between the ages of 17 and 47 wanted to "get to first base" with her. Before Sheriff Atherton and his deputies could identify the person who killed Pearl, the body of another young woman is found. One homicide in a town as small as Faircloth was a plate-full, two was over-kill. This homicide will be more difficult to solve because of lack of identity of the victim. There are clues galore, but none that highlight the perpetrator. It's said that trouble comes in threes -- which it did when an assault occurred in the home of Deputy Aikens. The deputy himself is so traumatized that he has no memory of the event, and can't say what happened. His wife is missing. When she's finally found beside a remote highway early in the morning, by a motorist on his way to work, she's in what the doctors call "catatonic" state, Sheriff Atherton has to reach for another plate. And,he has no suspect in sight for any of the incidents. It is when secrets of the small town and its inhabitants come together, that all three incidents are solved.

My 2 cents:

In the Mountain town called Faircloth most of the people come across as strange human beings.
Here is where it gets interesting. Mountain people and flatlanders are different species—what’s normal to a Manhattanite may be highly abnormal to an Appalachian, and the reverse is true. Highlanders and flatlanders would agree that what’s happening in Faircloth is far from the norm.

The Author does a great job with all the characters. The suspense is breathtaking as a Deputy wants the same woman as does someone else, there are flashbacks to grip you into the story. There are all kinds of twist and turns in this book. I am happy Darlene let me review her book.