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Wings of a Dream

Wings of a Dream - Anne Mateer Rebekah would love to follow her love Arthur to the training camp near Texas and when she learns her Aunt Adabelle is sick with the fever she is amazed her parents are willing to let her go take care of her. Rebekah arrives just in time before he aunt passes away. She learns she will be taking care of 3 children while their father is off at war. All she wants if for Arthur to come get her or go see him. When she does finally take the chance to see him she learns he is engaged. Rebekah feels upset and used. She will have to survive and help the children until their father can return then she will head back home.

When the kids father comes home Rebekah is asked to stay for a bit to help out so he can get back in tune with the farm and his kids. She might just stay forever. But who knows once Arthur shows back up it might all change.

A fast read and one you find yourself turning pages to find out what will Rebekah decide to do.