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Sunrise Point (Virgin River)

Sunrise Point - Robyn Carr We start with Nora at her church looking at the jobs that have been posted. She sees one for Apple picking and the preacher explains to Nora where it is and how the pay is. It was enough for Nora and she wanted to go apply. When she arrived at the Orchard she met Mr Tom Cavanaugh. She flat out told her he wasn't going to hire her even after he listened to her story of being a single mom and needing the job.

Maxie the owner meets Nora after she leaves the barn and hires her after talking with her. To Tom's dismay he allows the work to be done. Things start to change when they become friends and Darla shows up into the picture. She's a real winner.

The characters are fun to read about and the banter between everyone. Nora and Tom have this chemistry going from the beginning. We can't leave out Tom's sweet grandmother Maxie. She is one of my favorite characters in the book.

I loved the setting as this is the first book in the Virgin River series. I am not hooked and will be starting from the beginning. This is a fun and must read.