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Out of Her Dreams

Out of Her Dreams - Fran Lee Samantha or as she likes to be called Sam has her dream come true at one of book signings. The hot looking guy in her dreams was looking down at her and Sam had to get away and ran to the stockroom of the book store. She really thought she was seeing things until the dram man came in to the stockroom looking for Samantha he has questions that needed to be answered.

David Chance wanted to know how this author could use his picture on the covers of her books and how she knew so much about him that no one else knew. David is a pro wrestler and goes by the name Chance Braza. His manager wants him to sue the pants off Sam, but David has another idea that will work better.

A wonderful book to read I was so gripped by the first page I read it in one sitting. I loved the characters and Sam's spunk. There are some funny moments as I even laughed out loud. I loved David being a pro wrestler as back in the day I would go to wrestling matches. Samantha just fit in where she needed to and they worked well together. Neither one at first let the other one know they felts and Sam left and of course David found her. The romance that develops between the two make you want to crawl into the book yourself, have a cigaret or jump your husband then you might want to go to a wrestling match.

Everything worked well in this book from the plot, setting and characters. This is a must read.