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Guardian Of Fate: Fate Series #1

Guardian Of Fate: Fate Series #1 - L.J. Kentowski Since the age of 16 Cassie has been trying to save all the strangers she can as she is a Guardian. The Guardian's have visions of accidents the demons cause to kill people and send their souls to HELL. Now the tables have turned and they want Cassie. She can't trust anyone, her mom has secrets, her roommate even have her own agenda and has secrets. Everyone is keeping something from her. Two men come around Caleb and Hunter who would like to have her and they even have secrets. Everyone wants to save Cassie, but they do not understand the truth would be a better help then keeping all the secrets from her.

The story was fun to read, I wanted more of a story line between Hunter and Cassie, but otherwise a great read. One thing about Cassie that is irritating, she can forgive everyone else for the secrets they kept from her but not when it comes to Hunter. It will be interesting to see how things go for the two in the next book.

I will be looking forward to reading the 2nd book and see what happens with the father as well.