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Sleeping Tigers

Sleeping Tigers - Holly Robinson Jordan has a cancer scare and leaves everyone behind to look for her brother who had been taken. She goes to California and to 3rd world countries trying to find him. Her boring finance is a winner I have heard of men ironing their money, but seriously this was rich. I had to laugh and yell for Jordan to run far away from this man. This 4th grade teacher went through a lot in this book and could have turned around at any time and fled. She didn't she stuck it out.

Holly did a wonderful job with the characters and plot. I could relate a bit t Jordan as a cancer survivor you do panic even in a scare moment and her boyfriend/ fiancé was a doozy of a supporter. Sounds like my ex husband. I felt as though I was there right along rooting Jordan on and making some friends a long the way. Holly writes in a way emotion comes right out of the book to touch you. The journey Jordan takes is a wonderful on and glad I went along for the ride.

This is a book I will re-read and let my mother borrow as you will want to share this amazing story. Well done Holly.