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Cowboy Fever

Cowboy Fever - Joanne Kennedy Jodi moves back to her home town after going to college, getting a degree, and her dream of being a Rodeo Queen. She wanted to come back home to make up to her mom the way she treated her after her father passed away. There was also Teague still living int he town but has moved up a tad in the world. Jodi wants to get her life back on track and make amends. She is not sure how Teague will fit in at this point. Will everyone see her other then the formar Rodeo Queen?

The plot was good there were a few slow spots along the way, but the characters make up for it. Jodi is strong willed and then at times very vulnerable. Teague is a great character strong, but yet at the same time a big softy. His brother Troy was a great add to the story. I enjoyed reading about Troy he is one of my favorite characters in the book.

I have enjoyed this series and will probably keep for re-reads.