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When All My Dreams Come True (Colorado Runaway Series)

When All My Dreams Come True - Janelle Mowery Bobbie McIntyre meets up with 2 wrong men trying to take her out. After talking to one another she meets Jace the ranch owner she is supposed to work for. Jace in turns meets a girl instead of a boy that was supposed to come work for him. They thought she was the cattle rustler that has been attacking Jace's cattle. Jace's family takes Bobbie in to live in the house as she can not stay with the other hands in the bunkhouse. As time goes on Bobbie proves herself until someone says she is a bankrobber. Then doubts and rumors start to fly.

I enjoyed this romance with a mystery as well. Who are rustling the cattle and is Bobbie really a bank robber? The story comes alive from the very first page and keeps you drawn in as the pages turn. I did not want the book to end.