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A Dozen Deadly Roses

A Dozen Deadly Roses - Kathy Bennett Jade has made someone mad for them to start sending dead roses to her house, work and or fathers house. As she is dealing with her boss who doesn't care what is going on, she gets her new partner. Once they meet they were both shocked as Mac use to be her training officer until a shooting happened and he was too drunk to help. Jade doesn't trust Mac, her philosophy, once a drunk always a drunk. She has learned that from her father a time or two. Her son Donnie has started to become close to Mac and neither one know they are father and son. Can Mac help Jade find out who is after her before they can hurt someone she loves or herself.

I stayed up till 2:45 am to finish this book. I got so engrossed I wanted to know who was after Jade. What did she do to make someone so mad to come after her and her family. Why was Mac back on the force and will he ever find out Donnie is his son?

Kathy does a wonderful job with the characters. Jade and Mac have a few misunderstandings along the way that keep their relationship on edge. Then we have Lasko. She is out to get anything she can on Jade to get her in trouble. I was loathing Lasko which was wonderful as Kathy did a great job with her character.

Kathy used her knowledge of being a retired LAPD police officer. I had no problem believing the things that happened in this book. I do hope there will be a second book soon. This is one author I will be following.