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Temptation Creek (The Layton Family)

Temptation Creek - Avery Flynn Claire the owner of Harvest Bistro takes out the trash to the dumpster after a heard day. To her surprise she finds an arm sticking out of the dumpster that is attached to a dead body. Claire calls the police which her Brother Hank is the Chief. Along with Hank is the handsome PI Jake. He takes Claire's breath away. Even though he is but he comes across as a cocky know it all and she doesn't know if she can tolerate him. As they are investigating the murder Claire starts to get some threatening phone calls and more to make her a believer to keep her out of the way. Can they solve the murder and not fall in love at the same time? Claire needs Jake's help but what will it cost her?

I thought Avery's first book was remarkable. The characters pop and work well together, the scenes were written with passion as it comes through with the scenes with Clarie and Jake.
The twists and turns keep you on your toes though the read and you will not guess what goes on and who does what. The story is a hot romantic mystery that everyone should like.