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Elephant Milk

Get Organized With Heloise - Heloise Bowles Cruse
Sean Hayes is driving a lime green dune buggy that a friend of hers traded from Elvis Presley for angel dust. A major motion picture is about to be released with Sean's accidentally naked breasts in it and she has just watched her best girlfriend shoot heroin, while Keith Richards nodded on the couch. Sean parks the dune buggy on Coldwater Canyon, walks down the hill, and lights a joint to calm down. There she finds a pile of black clothes, wet with blood. The Tate murders? It is 1969 and things are starting to get really icky.

Meanwhile, Sean's first boyfriend has taken off to Mexico and she has no idea exactly where he is. But a girl has to follow her heart. Sean leaves Beverly Hills determined to find her lover, even if it means joining a traveling circus and getting lost in a world of drum rolls and lions and Mayan glyphs. Even it means having knives thrown at her for a living, and facing a loaded machine gun in the hands of her rival. Somehow, she will find Frank, even if means going deep into the jungle, just in time to view a total eclipse, on the back of her favorite elephant.

My 2 cents:

What first caught my eye was the cover, I love it. Next was the name of the book. It does catch your attention at least it did mine. Sean is 17 in 1969. So easy to fall in love hard and fast. Frank her first real love is a jerk, but she follows him down to Mexico. Since she doesn't know where he went she joins a Circus so she can go/travel from town to town to hunt him down. Along the way she meets some interesting characters and she is still on the naive side. Sean throws herself into everything. It doesn't help her mother doesn't really care about her well being. There are some interesting twists and drama going on.