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Ask ME About MARY KAY: The true story behind the bumper sticker on the pink Cadillac

Handbook of Modern Finance - Dennis E. Logue In December of 1963, grief over the recent assassination of President Kennedy gave rise to a heightened sense of urgency to "grab the brass ring now." So it was that on a snowy day in Dallas, a legal secretary looking for a brighter future for herself and her family answered an ad placed by a new company, Mary Kay Cosmetics. In Jackie Brown's brief interview with Mary Kay, she became convinced not only of the company's quality products and the founder's values, but also of the potential in the marketing plan. Here was a company that would reward her hard work and dedication with an executive paycheck! Jackie rose through the ranks of Mary Kay Cosmetics as no one else did. Jackie's successes in selling and recruiting laid the foundation for a cosmetics empire and she herself became the gold standard for new recruits. But as the company's achievements spiraled ever higher, Jackie began to see flaws from within. And these were only the first warnings of a breach of trust so great it would start a battle between the two women. This is the story the public has never heard. The real story that fills in the gaps left by other published reports. It is a story of loyalty and betrayal, joy and heartbreak, recognition and disappointment, heady success and depressing failure. Ultimately, it is also a story of tragedy, and Jackie Brown is the only one who can tell it. Author Jackie Brown spent over forty years in the cosmetic business and was president of two cosmetic companies. Now retired, she lives in a small town in Arkansas.

My 2 cents:

Mary Kay and Jackie Brown are good role models for anyone running a business or wanting to. Both woman overcame so many obstacles through out their career and made it big. This book might make some people upset thinking Jackie should have left some things alone or out of the book. I am glad she didn't. It really makes you see the faith and how hard they both worked at their goals and businesses. I was shocked I guess I was expecting it to be no holds bared let everything out some of it was, but not like what a person might think. This was a great read for me and recommend it highly.