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The Study Train: Volume 1 - Reunion of the Untouchables

Reunion of the Untouchables (The Study Train, #1) - Kurt Frenier Ethan is a young teenager in Switzerland who has a rough childhood. His dad is unemployed and his mom works 2 jobs to keep the house going. He only sees her on the weekends and even then they hardly say a word to each other. His dad is so rough on him and belittles Ethan so much how could you tell there was any love. The kids and teachers at his school torment and bully him there as well. Then one day Ethan gets an invitation to join The Study Train in hopes things will change for the better with promises to do so. Ethan leaves his family and goes on the train that will last for 8 years and long that time he will get an education, clothes, food and a nice knight family. The journey begins and Ethan and new friends sneak out of the train and go meet a newer friend at a club in Spain. They get into trouble as the train leaves and then has to comeback and get them. Ethan starts to make some of his friends mad and not have anything to do with him. Is he letting all this power go to his head and go to the wrong people? Is there a good and bad side or as they say dark side? I for one am looking forward to the next part of this book. I want to know what happens to everyone. The story sucks you in to want to learn more and watch some of the characters grow.