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The Whisper

The Whisper - Carla Neggers I say I found Sophie a bit interesting as a celtic archaeologist. She has some moments where she can be funny yet charming and blunt at the same time. Then there is Scoop who is a Boston internal affairs detective who was inured during a bomb. He went to Ireland to relax for a few weeks when he ran into Sophie. Was it a coincidence they met in Ireland? Maybe it was a coincidence they were on the same flight back to Boston. Scoop thinks she has something to hide and she is trying her best to keep her secrets to herself and find out what she can that is bothering her. Scoop is trying to figure out who planted the bomb that about killed him and his friends maybe Sophie's secrets are part of it. They begin working together so to speak and things start to happen not to mention falling for each other. They work out their secrets to reveal who the person was who caused all the problems from the bombing to the present. I have to say I was shocked to learn who it was. It took to the end of the book to figure it out. Those are the books I love.