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My Banished Highlander (Highland Games Through Time)

My Banished Highlander (Highland Games Through Time) - Nancy Lee Badger Cameron Robeson has been banished from his clan by his cousin Lord Kirkwall Gunn. He had no clue he was being banished to the future. As he is plotting revenge against his cousin and the woman his cousin is supposed to marry, Iona lands right into his arms.
Iona is desperately trying to find her friend Haven who seems to have disappeared to Scotland but to the past. With a letter in her hand she is bound to find someone to help her get to Haven.
A local sorcerer is the key to finding her friend. Cameron wants to go back to his own world and helps Iona. What they don’t intend to happen are feelings of lust come into the plan.
Cameron was my favorite character as we could see him grow as the story went along. Thrown to the future not knowing what was going to happen finding love but not sure it if is lust or real. Finally, opening up his heart to let a special person in, a remarkable thing for a fierce warrior.
Iona is a strong character and independent nice banter between Cameron. She brought knowledge and farness to the story.
Nancy is a breath of fresh air with her novels. Her writing is powerful to draw the reader in and hold their attention through out the story leaving you wanting more.
The characters are well developed and the setting is so visual you can picture yourself in the story.
This is book 2 of the authors Highlander series. There is enough information in this book if you were to read it first you would not be lost.
A wonderful series I will continue to watch.