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Quinn (Wyoming Sky, #1) - R.C. Ryan
Quinn comes back home for a few days after his Wolf Pack has settled in to their den. Since he was young and witness a killing for a mom and her two wolf pups, things changed in him that day. Not only did his mom vanish from his family’s lives with no trace he see the pups pass as well. He meets up with his family for a few days on the ranch. After a break he heads back up into the hills with his wolf pack and the leader of the pack has been shot. Quinn is furious and trails the person who did it. He’s shocked to find out it is a woman. Cheyenne is head strong and after loosing her bother and father in the span of two years takes over the ranch.
She’s alarmed when a strange man comes upon her in the barn. After talking, they made some peace and he stayed overnight as it was late and snowing outside. Things start to happen and Quinn decided to help Cheyenne figure out was is going on.
The story line was a page turner. The characters banter was humorous at times and romantic. The suspense keeps you on the edge of your seat. I figured out who was the bad guy behind things before the middle of the book but I still wanted to know why. It did not take away from the story what so ever. The setting in Wyoming was remarkable made you think you were there with the Conway family.
I am looking forward to book two of the series Josh which has a release date of September 25th.