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Spark of Desire

Spark of Desire - Charlotte McClain Jessica works in a book store but dreams of doing something else. Her dream of being a firefighter and paramedic might just come true. A regular who stops by the book store offers to help her after listening to her story. Kevin is a firefighter who starts to train with the help of his friend Bobbi. Kevin flirts with Jessica which she likes but then turns around and avoids her with the his coldness Kevin won't even take her down to the station to see the tools for which she needs some familiarity to.

The story was great I loved it as I could relate to both characters. My family has a long history of firefighting. My dad just retired after 45 years of his life devoted to the fire station. Firefighting was something I wanted to do at one time and changed my mind. Jessica and Kevin has a funny and yet serious banter that draws the reader in. The setting was remarkably well. You could picture yourself in the book store or at the fire station.

The romance is a nice change into the story just the right amount not to go overboard or stall the story. I would read this book again.