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Sela (Leland Dragon Series #2)

Sela (Leland Dragon Series #2) - Jackie Gamber Sela is the 2nd book in the Leland Dragon series. I have read the first one which was great but this has to be my favorite of the two. Sela takes up a several years after Redheart and starts with the next generation of dragon. You do not need to read the first one to know what is going on with Sela as Redheart had no cliffhangers and Sela has enough information from the last book to get you reading.

Sela in trapped in her human form she is desparte to go back to being a dragon. I love Sela she is headstrong which at times causes some trouble. Her parents Kallon and Riza want to protect her , but being a human among the dragons is not a good situation. Sela embarks on a journey to find her destiny.

Jackie's writing style draws the reader into the story and keeps the pages turning. The characters are well written and you feel for them. A great fantasy read for any age. With action and love everyone will be happy to read this book.