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Hanchart Land

Hanchart Land - Becky Barker Susan married Shane as he blackmailed her into marriage. For 2 years she suffered as it was a delusional marriage. After Shane had passed away he still haunted her from the grave. In his will he said his land could not go to his family. Susan packed up her things into the moving van and was about to leave with a rider came down the road. She knew who it was, Luke, Shane's older cousin. After discussing again why she could not sell the land to him they went up to the barn to say goodbye to the horses she worked with. Luke offered a new solution to her problem. They would get married, the land could stay in the hands if the family and they could start their own family.

Three years before Shane came along Luke and Susan had a relationship and started getting close. Her parents passed away and Luke was there to help her along with her grief. Luke was hurt when Susan married Shane and couldn't understand why. Can Susan tell him the truth and their marriage survive?

I enjoyed reading the story Luke trying to be rough as his heart was broken so long ago by the same woman he wants to marry. Susan i her weak state and didn't know what to do. Luke and Susan were great together after everything came out and or worked out. Yes, some things were repetitive, but overall for me it did not take from the story it was a nice read. The setting in Texas was about par for the course. The family working together ( some of the family ) was a nice change.