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My thoughts:

Nick broke Lynsey's heart 20 years ago after he married her sister Kim. Now widowed Nick finds Lynsey back in town and needing a place to stay while her house is being worked on. He lets her use his quest bedroom. Lynsey has left her cheating rock start behind and wants to start over.
Lynsey runs into a lot of problems, first Caleb the rebound guy wants to act like no time as passed and wants to start right back up with her. Nick keeps trying to put Lynsey to anyone but him, Suzy her best friend, pushes her towards he brother. No one has thought to ever ash Lynsey what she wants in her life. While Nick is still feeling the quilt he never loved Kim he pushes even more for Lynsey to find someone else while she is wanting answers.

I wanted to see more of other relationships as they affected Nick and Lynsey. The book is on the short side and it was as if the writer was trying to throw a lot into the story to keep it going but went to dead ends at times. Overall the characters and plot are good.