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Death by Chocolate Anthology

Death by Chocolate Anthology - Suz Korb,  Lucy Swing,  Cheryl Carvajal,  Nikki Jefford,  Stacey Wallace Benefiel,  Kira Saito Aurelia is on her way back to the town she grew up in after hearing news he father is going to sale the family bakery. She learns the boy she broke up with in high school is the one making a name for himself with his baker. Aurelia goes to his bakery with her friend as he is not supposed to be there. After tasting some of their work she realizes he might have stolen her mothers recipes. The fun begins to happen.

The other 5 stories are just as good, but I wanted to empathize Stacey's story. I enjoyed her writing as the story keeps you on the edge of your seat turning the pages to see if Aurelia is right about her mothers recipes and if the two love birds can make it work.

All of the other stories also have chocolate involved. I enjoyed the chocolate being mixed with paranormal adventure stories. The authors all did a wonderful job and this is a book I will re-read again. Also be sure to have some chocolate by your side you will want it.