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Always Been Mine (The Moreno Brothers, #2)

Always Been Mine (The Moreno Brothers, #2) - Elizabeth Reyes Valerie and Alex have had an on again off again type of a relationship. When Valerie decides to see what would happen if she wasn't around Alex betrays what the two of them had. Valerie takes a stand doesn't want anything at all to do with Alex.
Alex is trying to keep his grades up because of football and stays away from Valerie as he can not tell her what is going on.
When a wedding brings them in touch with each other Valerie knows she still loves Alex but tries to fight it. Alex knows he wants her back and what is he going to do about an ex boyfriend and a boss who wants her as well.
I have not read book 1 or the next one yet. It did not matter as I was able to enjoy the read with out doing so. I enjoyed Alex as he was a funny caring character. You wanted to reach into the book and smack him so he would just come out and say how he feels. His passion for Valerie is a nice take.
Valerie has been hurting for so long and pined up how she felt about Alex it was hard for her to let go and just take another chance.
I enjoyed the read and we all need a second chance. The scenes were great to read there were some parts repeated a bit in the beginning that should have been delt with, but other then that a great book to read.