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Cruelty To Innocents (The 911 Abductions, #1) - C.K. Webb,  D.J. Weaver This was a bone chilling read for me. As one who has kids I would be terrified if I stopped to help someone who was having a heart attack get help to call 911 and when all is said and done my child is gone. One minute they are right behind you and the next vanished.

Sloanne gets help from her dad’s ex partner to help her search for her daughter. The clues start coming in and they have noticed that children start to vanish only from 911 calls that have come in. Can they save Danni in time?

This story will grab you, suck you in before you even know it. You can relate to Sloanne and how she feels. Putting the book down was no option for me as I wanted to know who was taking these children and was it someone the small town knew?

The characters are all well done the setting is remarkable you actually think you are there with them. The emotion in the story takes your breath away. You can tell the author has a great imagination and creativity. I will be looking for more books along the way.