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Transparent Lovers

Transparent Lovers - Scott Nicholson My 2 Cents:

Transparent Lovers is the first story I have read by Scott Nicholson which I did enjoy. Richard is a former PI who finds himself in a hallway with a few interesting characters. My favorite is the one on the cover above, the one with the steering wheel in his chest. Mr. Brumfield or as Richard called him Buick-brains.

Mr. Brumfield enlightens Richard of where he is and what is going on, which comes across rather humorous at times. Richard has left behind Lee his new love. What Richard doesn't know is Diana his ex-wife is waiting on him. She wants Richard to pay for what he did to her and why she is on the other side. It all becomes very interesting and a lovely read.

The reason I like the book, the writing. Scott does a wonderful job of describing the scenes and the people. I could actually picture this hallway, office, The Titanic woman, the fire scenes of hell. I could go on and on.

I really enjoyed Scott's version of the afterlife. Most of us wonder what heaven will be like when we pass. His version is very unique.

Seeing Richard overcome his faith was a big step and the ending is wonderful. I had a few tears going on.