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LabyrinthLABYRINTH by Richardson, Kat (Author) on Aug-03-2010 Hardcover

Tell Me No Lies (Audio) - Elizabeth Lowell My 2 Cents

First, I have to say there is not one book I have not liked written by Jean. Richer is the sequel to Poor Rich which was also a great read. Rich is really coming along in this book he has some hot girls he is tutoring this go around. For those that do not know Rich suffers from a nervous condition that can cause issues. Rich is very talented and a character I like to read about over and over again. Rich is surrounded by various characters, his father and mother are divorced and his father is gay. Imagine a roommate that is a great football player he adjusts well especially with U2. U2 has some choice words he likes to use and some not so good. Life for Rich is never dull. I look forward to the next installment.