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The Bamboo Heart

The Bamboo Heart - Henry P. Gravelle The Bamboo Heart by Henry Gravelle

Bamboo Heart Synopsis After a long and arduous trail the search for her grandparent's identity brings Mary Bachelder in contact with an elderly veteran. Although suffering from depression, he reveals his recollections of three young lives separated through World War Two only to be reunited inside a Japanese prisoner of war camp. The releasing of his deepest memories brings serenity from the horrors suffered and closure to Mary's quest The End

My 2 Cents:

An interesting read that starts 65 years earlier. Mary finds POW in a nursing home trying to find out if he is her grandfather. There were a few things I would question as why would the old man who is known to be a mean man open up to Mary right away when others have failed? I do keep in mind it is fiction. There are some twists in the book that do keep you wanting to know more. While I admit this is not one of my favorites by Henry it is still a good book to read.