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The Rogue Knight

The Rogue Knight - Marcia Lynn McClure I just happened to come across a blog a few weeks back to get a free copy of this book. I am glad I decided to take the offer. This is the first book I have ever read by Marcia L McClure. I am now a huge fan. I feel in love with this book a wonderful romantic tale. Fontaine draws you into her poor situation. Knight is mugged and beaten, he drags himself to the home of Fontaine and her aunt. She takes care of him with the help of the servants. Fontaine is always hanging out with them in the kitchen where she feels the most wanted and loved. Her wicked aunt, whom I wanted to slap, comes to find Knight in the kitchen and they play if off well. She hires him as her coachman wanting to dig her nails into him for herself. Knight realizes the predicament Fontaine is in with her aunt and tries to help her. There are some great twists and some fun along the way. I lovely must read.