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Pilot Mountain

Pilot Mountain - Robert Wall Pilot Mountain is a work of fiction based on the life of Louis H. Wall as seen through the eyes of his great-grandson, Dr. Robert R. Wall. This work takes us from Louis's induction into the Army of Northern Virginia. It follows Louis through his exploits during several of the most horrific battles of that war. Finally, to his return home from that war, family strife and to the ultimate decision that would change his life forever. It is a story of family life in the old south and the war that changed the south forever. However it does not dwell on that horrific war. It instead tells stories of friends and the men and woman whose lives were changed by that terrible war. Dr. Wall has studied the genealogy of his Great-Grandfather and the history of his Great-Grandfather's regiment during the Civil War. From this he has extrapolated this work of fiction from his own mind as it could have taken place.

This is a work of fiction and has no basis in fact, other than the regimental history and the areas in which his Great-Grandfather lived and fought for survival. No knowledge of what actually took place between family members is known or implied.

My 2 cents:

This was an interesting read as I love reading about the Civil War. It has been a long time so I was happy when I was asked to review this copy. It takes you through some of the battles and the return home which will lead to a big change. Life in the south is brought out in this book and how the war changed so many lives not just the soldiers. This is a must read.