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Chris Mouse And The Promise

Chris Mouse and the Promise - Tina J. Lackey Adams, Pamela Hopkins Chris Mouse has just tucked her three little ones into bed when she notices the most beautiful bright shining star in the heavens. As she dreamily admires the star she remembers a prophecy she's heard stories about since her youth. A magnificent star would mark the birth of the Savior. Could this be the promise she had waited her entire life to see? What happens next will change the world forever. Life for Chris Mouse will never be the same.

My 2 Cents:

This was the sweetest book about Jesus and the first christmas. Christina ( Chris ) retold the story how they gave up part of their barn so Mary could give birth to Jesus. She told how he had a glow all around him after he was born. It was a magical first Christmas. My boys loved this story and I had to read it 3 more times which was fine with me. The illustrations helped bring the book to life and even my 14 month old loved looking at the pictures. This is a keeper and a wonderful read for any age of child.