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The Husband Campaign (Love Inspired HistoricalThe Master Matchmakers)

The Husband Campaign - Regina Scott Amelia takes refuge in an abandon stable and is upset at her mom over forcing her to get married with out love. She is found by John, Lord Hascot and he tries to help but is a bit standoffish. He knows since she spent the night he has to do the right thing by offering her his hand. She refuses and goes back to her mom.

John doesn't want another love the one he had married his older twin brother and broke his heart. All he wants is to tend to his horses that is what he loves and understands them. He is summoned by Amelia's father and given an ultimatum to marry her.

They marry and what begins a long road for Amelia to wedge herself into his heart and wants him to care for her like he does his horses.

The characters are well done and the setting is remarkable. The story takes the reader in and you want to see these two become a wonderful couple and work things out. John takes a lot of work but it is worth it in the end. The twits that his ex-finance throws in makes you want to smack her silly. I loved it and I think others will too.

Thank you NetGalley for allowing me to read for an honest review.