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A Texas Christmas

A Texas Christmas - Jodi Thomas, Linda L. Broday, Phyliss Miranda, Dewanna Pace This book was amazing. The stories were so good you didn’t want any of them to end. Each story goes to the next with a new character. They all take place in the Texas Panhandle when a train gets stuck in snow on the way to town people start to panic a bit. Then a rough looking blacksmith takes in a lady and her two children he is supposed to hand the bell that is on the stuck train. My favorite story if I had to pick one was the Saloon owner Anna she is on the way back to town with liquor in her wagon when she comes across a stranger named James. They end up at a party that was thrown as they were getting deeper and deeper in the snow. She has a rough past and he is a scientist. They both come to know each other and he sticks up for her with the town folks who judge her.
The stories were wonderful and the authors did a great job with each story. I wanted to read more and more. I will be checking on other books.