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Getting Rowdy

Getting Rowdy - Lori Foster
If you have not read the first two books you might want to do that. We meet Rowdy in the first book which is Pepper's brother. IN the second book we see where Rowdy is flirting with Avery quite well I might add. She is working in the bar he owns.

Rowdy has spent most of his time running from the worse people anyone could imagine. All he wants is good sex and as you might guess a lot of it. But with Avery he can picture more then just a few nights of sex. He knows Avery is hiding something and he must find out what.

Different things take place and a lot of us to get involved in.

I enjoyed the story. Lori's writing takes a reader in from the first page until the last. She has everything for everyone to enjoy, suspense, secrets, love, and more.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good suspense romance.