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A Merry Little Christmas: Songs of the Season

A Merry Little Christmas - Anita Higman Franny was a lone and the farm was trying to survive. She wanted to move to the big city and was shocked when there was a buyer for the farm. He paid more than she was asking. Charlie shows up while Franny is taking care of the pigs. One thing leads to another and he has her stay for a bit to help out around the farm and have her show him the ropes.

After a time in the city Charlie comes to get Franny and as she made a nice friend with a woman who is of different color. Charlie was open-minded and enjoyed meeting the nice woman. As Charlie and Franny work back on the farm things start to get a bit cozy for them both when her friend shows up at their door step as she had no where else to go.

The both took her in as a cook and things were going nicely. That is until Franny released just how her old friend from her younger years died and was worried about her new friend.

A lovely story about friendship and love. I did not want the story to end.