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A Cowboy For Christmas

A Cowboy for Christmas - Kristen James, Tandi Bregman When Missy's brother passes away she is a partner to his friend, Brent. He doesn't take too kindly to her showing up when she really didn't have that much of a relationship to him. She stays on to prove her point that she can do some things. She isn't just a young woman. As time goes on they both learn a few things about each other and within themselves.

Brent was my favorite character in the story. He starts to care for Missy, but afraid to show her as he has been hurt before and feels he is the reason for her brother's death. Missy falls for Brent's looks at the beginning but knows he does not want her there. The way they work together can drive a person insane and mainly themselves. A nice western read that keeps you turning the pages.