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The Secret Brokers

The Secret Brokers - Alexandrea Weis This is the second book I have read by Alexandrea Weis. I enjoy her series and if you are looking for a romance suspense novel this is the one for you. Dallas is one of my favorite characters and not reading a few books in-between Recovery and this story did not make me miss much. I felt like I was caught up enough to know what was happening.

The story line is wonderful as every time I thought I had the person figured out a twist happens and I was wrong. I like being kept on my toes and the author does a great job doing it. Dallas is a sensitive yet tough which makes him a remarkable character.

The banter between Dallas and Gwen is fun to read and the sexual tension between the two heats up. A fast paced story that keeps you interested and on your toes. I like how the author left the ending as anxious for the next book to come out and see what happens with Dallas.