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Glamorous Illusions: A Novel (Grand Tour Series)

Glamorous Illusions - Lisa Tawn Bergren Cora comes home to her ailing father when a the copper king shows up to give her some news. She is his daughter. He invites her to go on a grand tour of Europe with her siblings. Cora's siblings take her in better than I thought they would. I loved seeing Cora work through who she really is deep down and who she wants to be. There is a love triangle that doesn't take a way from the story and actually works wonders for Cora. I am anxious to see where the next book goes for Cora.

I enjoyed the characters. There were several in the book, but it won't detour you from the read and they are easy to keep up with. The banter between them all was lovely. THe read was nice and the coming of age was a great part of the book and Cora.