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Love Is Murder (Thriller Anthologies)

Love Is Murder - Sherrilyn Kenyon, Lee Child, Sandra Brown, Julie Kenner, Heather Graham, Jon Land, Mariah Stewart, Dianna Love, Allison Brennan, Lori G. Armstrong, Andrea Kane, Toni McGee Causey, Patricia Rosemoor, Debra Webb, Laura Griffin, William Bernhardt, Beverly Barton, Robert Greg Love is Murder is written by 30 great authors and is the third mystery anthology. With all these author comes some wonderful characters from all walks a life. If you can imagine a character it is already in this book. You have lawyers, police officers, serial killers, robbers, judges, bodyguards, private detectives, serial killers,vigilantes and the best part The President of the United States even plays a part. The tales span the globe and is worth the read. The book has something for everyone. I won't go into detail of each story as it would take up so much room. You love romance, suspense, mystery and thrills this is for you.