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Jenna's Cowboy: A Novel (The Callahans of Texas)

Jenna's Cowboy - Sharon Gillenwater Jenna and her young son live on her parents ranch. After a bad divorce she needed to come home and regroup. She is now a partner running her father's ranch along with her brothers.

Nate Langley comes back home after 2 tours over in Iraq. He wasn't expecting to see Jenna so soon after coming home for good. He and Jenna were old friends from high school and at one time cared for each other. Of course Jenna would never have known how he felt then as he kept to himself.

The two meet up and the romance is still there after the years have gone by. They go out on a date to the homecoming football game. Nate had a flashback from a car backfiring and threw Jenna to the ground hurting her. With the help from Jenna, her family, Nate's parents and the preacher he starts to heal and the dream are there but not as frequent. If he can learn to deal with his dream and his PTSD they might have a future together unless the secret comes out from her father.

I enjoyed this read not just for the romance, but a great tribute to our armed forces. We get to go inside Nate's thoughts and see what he went through while in Iraq a glimpse of what was and is going on there. How hard it is on them and the families they come home to. Everyone pays the price, but things can work out in the end if you just have some faith.

The author did a wonderful job with the setting and the characters. It was nice to see Nate work on his fears throughout the story and Jenna realizing they can help t is not all a lost cause. A heart warming story.